December 20, 2017 Doug Cofer

Rescuing the Smallest

Anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. A lot. In fact, most days at the office you can find my two little dogs curled up in blankets behind my desk. Griffin and Holly are their names –

– you can see them in the photo to the right. They are amazing little dogs and I love them very much. They love me and my family just as much, and we can’t imagine life without them.

Griffin and Holly’s stories are sadly not unusual. In the spring of 2012 my then girlfriend Christine adopted a little puppy from a elderly woman who lived down the street from her in Hewitt. The litter of Chihuahua mix puppies were found abandoned in a box behind a dumpster. Of the litter, all of them were black in color except for one which was medium brown color with a white arrow on the top of his head. Christine chose him and we named him Griffin after Baylor’s Heisman winning quarterback. Griffin was supposed to be Chihuahua sized, around 6-7 pounds. When he ended up twice the height and length and 15 pounds, we figured he was a mix and found out he had some Italian greyhound in him. If you’ve seen him you would nod and say “yeah I see that”. He’s a little nervous and barky around new people, but quickly becomes a fixture sitting in your lap trying to give kisses. He’s amazing in so many ways.
Holly came to us in 2015. She had been brought into the Waco Humane Society in bad shape. We don’t know why or how, but one of her rear paws had become injured and due to neglect she began chewing on her own paw. By the time she ended up at the shelter she only had one toe left on that foot. Christine’s sister, who worked at the Humane Society at the time, had taken her home to foster her while she recovered. While visiting her sister Christine met Holly and loved her. And the truth is, she’s adorable. When her sister had to take Holly back to the shelter, Christine said we had to adopt her–so we did. Holly was very skittish at first, and would even bark and growl at me. Over the past two years it has been so rewarding to see her personality completely transform. We believe what we see in Holly now is who she truly is–a sweet, spunky, bossy little sister who wants nothing more than to be cuddled and petted.
It’s heartbreaking to think what could have happened to Griff and Holly had they not been rescued by people who cared for discarded, neglected and abused dogs. Thanks to them, both are now healthy, happy and well loved by our family. Today, there are many, many dogs who need forever homes. First and foremost, if you’re considering getting a dog–please go find your best friend in a rescue animal. There is nothing more rewarding than being the human for a dog whose life has been so hard. You can be that dog‘s miracle.

Alternatively or in addition, consider supporting organizations who help save dogs. We particular love a group called Long Way Home Adoptables in College Station, Texas. Long Way Home is 100% volunteers and is 100% dependent on donations to save animals. They focus on small breeds taking neglected and abused dogs and cats of any age often time in need of serious medical care. They partner with Tabor Road Veterinary to c
are for the animals they save. This organization is truly made up of saints and have saved and placed over 500 animals this year. You can read more about LWH here:
They are in the final days of their annual fundraising drive to provide for their needs in 2018. And, they are very close to reaching their goal. If your heart is moved or you have a dog in your life that you love, please consider donating to Long Way Home by clicking here: You can give a financial gift or give supplies. Everything helps and is 100% tax deductible.
Christine and I also support the ASPCA and Fuzzy Friends here in Waco, both of which are doing amazing work and worthy of your support as well.
Rescue. Love. Repeat.
We could all use more of that in the world.
Dedicated to Griffin and Holly, and all dogs who need rescuing.
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