July 8, 2018 Doug Cofer

Marketing Your Business Has Changed

In my decades of experience in marketing, I’ve often found that it is one of the elements of business that many people think they can do themselves. For a long time advertising was the primary form of marketing. It was a fairly finite set of mediums that the average business owner or executive approached from the standpoint that if they liked it, then it would work. Intuitively that seems to make sense. But, if your market isn’t made up of people just like you, then that premise doesn’t work.

In the framework of marketing as it existed more than 10 years ago, the options were primarily limited to traditional advertising (print, television, radio), direct mail, public relations and promotional items. If the self-marketing model doesn’t work in this relatively simple marketing environment, how can it possibly work today?

Just like any other professional service businesses use — legal, accounting, etc — marketing in today’s digital climate requires seasoned experts to help guide you and execute strategy. Traditional media advertising and the rest of the mediums from the past are still in play. But now there’s a nearly infinite set of options for digital marketing plus social media marketing, video and content marketing and mobile marketing, all of which dictate having a customized strategy for your business.

If you’re not sure how effectively your company is leveraging the spread of marketing mediums that have come about over the past decade, subscribe to our blog or reach out so we can start a conversation on how our team can help you not just leverage the power of marketing, but lead your industry in your marketing efforts.

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