April 8, 2016 Matt Silva

Marketing Myth: SEO Is Just About Google Results…

Although improving your SEO will definitely land you higher up on the Google search results list, it’s so much more than experimenting with key words and tags. Improving your SEO requires effort, but the pay off is definitely worth your time. Consider the following analogy:

Say you’re walking down the street and an attractive man or woman walks past you. He or she is wearing sweatpants with a huge BBQ stain down the front of his or her t-shirt. You may think he or she is nice looking, but probably won’t look twice.

Now imagine that same man or woman walks by again – this time dressed in something nice. You notice this time; maybe even do a double take.

(Note: we don’t have anything against sweatpants – in fact, half our office would probably prefer to dress in them everyday – we’re simply stating the simple truth that appearances really do make a first impression)

What if each time a visitor spotted your website on Google or some other search engine, they did a double take? What if your website preview was so attractive, users felt compelled to check it out? Improving your SEO helps attract visitors to your website and depending on what sort of content you’re creating to produce relevant descriptions, you may start seeing increased user interactivity on your website and higher conversion rates.

According to a Google study published in 2013, 33% of web traffic is attributed to the first website listed on the search result page. In the last two years that number has only increased, but how do you become one of the top results? Keep reading for some simple tips to improve your SEO.

  1. Do your research

What sort of customers are you looking for? Who is your primary audience? Take into account what web users need and why they would be searching for something your company provides. Once you do this, develop key words and descriptions on your website that appeal to your potential customer.

  1. Create a clear call to action

When writing page descriptions, make sure the visitor knows what to do what the information they are seeing on the search results page. You want to provide an accurate view of your website and encourage your audience to respond.

  1. Put the work in

This may sound simple, but the more time you spend intentionally developing your SEO, the more you’re going to reap. Search engine results are a pathway to the ultimate goal – turning visitors into customers. The more you strategically think through developing your website, the more you’re going to get noticed.

So take our advice and start thinking about what kind of first impression you want to leave on your potential customers. Your SEO strategy is much more than trying to get noticed on Google – it takes research, carefully crafted content strategy and hard work. Do it right and start to see results.

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