April 20, 2018 Doug Cofer

How Much Experience Do You Need?

When you’re deciding how to address your company’s marketing needs, how does experience factor into your thought process?

For a long time, I thought many business owners and C-suite executives considered marketing as something they perceived as intuitive, that could be done themselves. In today’s technology driven economy, this is starting to shift. Many used to think of marketing in terms of the hit show Mad Men. Although a great series, it no longer bears much resemblance to marketing today.

The marketing landscape is now much more complex. With all the different digital mediums, advertising options, SEO/SEM and social media, developing a sound marketing strategy is more important than ever. This is where experience comes into play and should be taken into account. Not to mention breadth of expertise.

Working with someone who just works in one aspect of marketing such as design or web or social media means you’re losing the synergy of truly integrated marketing. Further, how much experience is enough for you to feel sure you’re going to get results?

At Four Columns we have over 105 years of combined experience on our fully in-house team. From multiple strategists with MBAs in marketing, to awards and certifications across our team, our staff covers every discipline of marketing including strategy, web, SEO/SEM, design, social media, video, public relations, business consulting, copywriting, event marketing, content development, e-commerce, advertising and more.

We’ve seen and done it all for our clients across the gamut of industries — with a proven track record of success. Experience matters and you shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to marketing your business.

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