February 23, 2018 Morgan London

Four Columns Features – Joe Gastler

This month, we are thrilled to introduce you to another one of our Four Columns rockstars, Joe Gastler. Joe is a Houston native and a Baylor University graduate on three separate occasions. His degrees include a B.M. in Church Music, a Masters in Music Performance in Bassoon and a MBA in Marketing. Joe represents a true asset to Four Columns Marketing, specializing in developing strategic campaigns, managing clients in the automotive industry and critiquing our musical preferences. Continue reading to learn more about Joe Gastler!

Joe, what characteristics of Four Columns do you find unique?

We have a team with an insanely diverse background. At least half of us are coming here as a second career, myself included. I’m a big believer that the people who can be truly disruptive don’t pigeon-hole themselves, so the fact that we have a diverse collection of people is really encouraging for the future of the company. There’s an insanely strong common work ethic – we pick up whatever slack we need to so we can deliver outstanding results for our clients. We don’t have to worry about a lot of “that’s not my job,” which is really important in a company our size.

How did you get involved with Four Columns?

I was nearing the end of the MBA program at Baylor, and I was looking for a job that would keep me in Waco but, there weren’t too many options for someone with an MBA in Marketing. Fortunately, one of Four Columns’ clients is the Hankamer School of Business Career Management Department, and a good friend of Doug’s connected the two of us. We hit it off immediately.

What is your experience and background in marketing?

I learned on the job. I was working as the Worship and Arts Director at a local church, and we were doing a lot of things like it was still the mid 1990s. I taught myself graphic design, put a team together and we started work on an omni-channel marketing and communications strategy. It did great things for engagement. When I got into the MBA program, it made sense for me to follow the marketing concentration, which helped give me the tools and terminology to go with instincts I already developed on my own.

Who are your favorite clients to work with?

This question is a trap! I work mainly with our automotive clients, and I’ve had a lot of fun with them, particularly getting to be on the sideline for Baylor games. But, my true love is music, so I have to say our musical clients. We have three that I’ve worked with, and they’re all battling to show the worth and value of music in an age where public education is tragically underfunded.

What is your favorite thing about Waco?

FOOD! I was talking to a family friend who lives in the area the other day about all the great hole-in-the-wall options we have here. I’m from Houston, which is a GREAT city for food, but Waco has come so far in matching a larger city like Austin or Houston in terms of the variety and quality we offer. Guess Family BBQ, Tony DeMaria’s BBQ, Vitek’s, Moroso, Milo, Club Sandwich, Cajun Craft, Portofino’s…there are just so many great options.

We hope you enjoyed meeting another one of our Four Columns rockstars! We’ll be back next month with more of an inside look at Four Columns.

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