December 5, 2018 April Leman

Dogs of 4C: Pardon My French Bulldog

(Dogs of 4C is a new feature to our blog that frankly has nothing to do with anything other than we love our ‘best friends’. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our team at Four Columns and see why we love it here so much. Our first installment is our Director of Communications April Leman’s fur baby Luna June.)


When I interviewed at Four Columns, Doug Cofer, our CEO, asked a very important question: “Are you a dog lover?” I answered with a resounding “yes, but…” Sadly, I did not have a pup of my own at the time, but was hopeful to find the perfect addition to complete my family of three. Three months later, a little bundle entered the scene—an adorable French Bulldog puppy named Luna. 

Luna has captivated my heart like I never thought possible and follows me around wherever I go. She’s full of personality, loves all people, and performs a variety of antics to earn her favorite thing in the world—treats. She’s been such a smash hit with our friends and clients, we even used her in a photography shoot to promote an Italian restaurant here in Waco, Texas. 

As you can see in the photos, Luna is incredibly expressive and very much in love with the camera. I can’t imagine my world without her!

Today also happens to be Luna June’s birthday. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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