Our Top Three Holiday Commercial Picks and Why They Work

What type of commercial watcher are you? The “cryer”, who can’t make it through any sort of heart-felt short-film without a box of tissues? The “day made” watcher who sneaks in a commercial or two during the work day to lift their spirits? Or are you an “eye roller” who refuses to see the beauty […]

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Is the #IVoted Sticker a Genius Marketing Move?

Happy Election Day! We hope everyone is going out to the polls today to exercise your right to vote– or, as Glee star Darren Criss so eloquently pointed out, “at least do it for the sticker”. Let me ask you- How many photos have you seen this election season featuring the infamous voting sticker? They’re […]

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The Secret to Success Behind Pokémon Go and How to Harness It

There is a good chance you’ve heard of the phenomenon of Pokémon Go – it’s gained a significant following since it’s release. But there’s a chance you may be questioning “what’s the secret behind it?” Within the first week Pokémon Go had at least 15 million users. The hype train was large and bustling. It’s been reported that […]

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