Master the Instagram Algorithm: Part 2

Last week we dished what you need to know to make the Instagram Algorithm work for you— It isn’t the enemy, but it also isn’t the magic formula for success. The algorithm may play a big part in delivering your content into the feeds of your followers, if you are not dedicating time and resources […]

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Master the Instagram Algorithm: Part 1

Are you fed up with the all allusive Instagram algorithm? Yeah, us too. It has become a sort of mythical creature we’re all trying to slay. Although we’re madly taking piñata swings at it, the thing seems to constantly evolve to favor “them.” Well team, it’s time we pull the sword out of the stone […]

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Meet Our New Hires!

We started the year out with one word in mind: GROWTH. While we’ve almost doubled last year’s portfolio in the first two quarters of 2018 alone, we’re boasting more than just growth in numbers. We’ve added new talent to our team that’s propelling Four Columns Marketing into its future and molding our company into Texas’ […]

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