June 15, 2016 Joe Gastler

Why Data Matters

Marketing data analysis is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of marketing. However, analyzing data and analytics are arguably the most important components of your marketing strategy. If you aren’t doing this already, your missing out.

Why is this so important?

It’s all about using your resources in the most effective way possible. It’s about making sure you’re spending your money in the smartest way possible while driving results. When we take time to take a look at the statistics, it allows us to see what methods of our strategy are successful and which are not. This allows us to make smart decisions in moving forward in our marketing plan.

What exactly do we analyze?

We study online data management, SEO, ROI, market trends, growths and more. We can look at how many people are being reached through certain channels and make adjustments based on our findings. After we collect all of the data from across all channels, then we gather them in one place where it is easy to look for patterns and trends.

What do we use that information for?

The data that’s collected is used to answer questions, countless questions, about if our marketing strategy is actually working. It gives you insight on what the market is like and even allows you to compare yourself to your competitors. It can even help you to predict the future market. Once you see what parts of your strategy are working, it’s important that you act on them and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Although analyzing marketing data is not the most glamorous part of creating your marketing plan, it is vital that it is not overlooked.



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