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Don’t Settle For Just A Design

Four Columns gives you so much more than that. Sure, we are going to make you look great with striking designs that match your business. But, what we can do for you goes far beyond that to actually applying marketing principles with fresh ideas to reach your target market and impact your bottom line.

Why We Work

We are a company founded on integrity and a desire to serve the companies we work with. If we don’t believe our team can have a positive impact on your business, we will tell you that. Whether you engage Four Columns for a single project or comprehensive marketing management, we approach every opportunity with creativity and enthusiasm.

How We Work

We believe our clients derive the most benefit from working with Four Columns when we become their marketing partner. Our team works hard to understand your business and your industry so that we can best advise you on how to leverage marketing for the greatest results. We do engage in individual projects as well, always from a marketing effectiveness perspective.



Meet The Team

These are the people who make the magic happen. From strategy to design to web to social media and so much more, the team at Four Columns brings their talent, experience, creativity and commitment to bear on every project. Learn more about these amazing people by clicking on the photos below. Reach out to us and let's get the conversation started.

Doug Cofer

Doug Cofer

Founder, CEO & Strategist View Details
Matt Silva

Matt Silva

Senior Vice President, Technology View Details
Bryan Jaska

Bryan Jaska

Senior Vice President, Video View Details
April Leman

April Leman

Communications Director View Details
Rob Chambers

Rob Chambers

UX/Ecommerce Developer View Details
Joe Gastler

Joe Gastler

Marketing Strategist View Details
Shannon Graessle

Shannon Graessle

Content Strategist View Details
Seth Spivey

Seth Spivey

Web Developer View Details
Jessica Cervantez

Jessica Cervantez

Graphic Designer View Details
Veronica Campbell

Veronica Campbell

Graphic Designer View Details

Doug Cofer



Doug Cofer brings a wealth of marketing, sales and executive management experience to Four Columns, which he founded in 2007. Holding a MBA from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University, he spent a decade as a top producing sales executive in the media and tourism sectors. His management experience includes stints as the CEO of a $10 million dollar golf club, director of sales for both a city magazine and a year-round mountain resort. His strategic vision, people-centric management style, leadership and expertise in all aspects of marketing focused on bottom line results are key factors to his success.

Doug’s highest priorities are his wife Christine and their five amazing children, Cameron, Katie, Miles, Kensi and Luke. Along with their dog Griffin, it is quite a houseful. He is an avid supporter of Baylor University and its athletic programs as well as being an active member of First United Methodist Church in Waco.


Doug Cofer Four Columns Marketing CEO

Don’t Say One Thing and Then Go Out The Back Door!

Doug's Thoughts On Integrity

Matt Silva

Senior Vice President, Technology


Matt is a gifted programmer that utilizes his development skills to build and maintain websites across style and functionality boundaries. When it’s time to turn ideas into actuality, Matt has a true gift of bringing concepts into reality with the highest web standard possible.

A native Texan from nearby Riesel, Matt serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology at Four Columns Marketing. In his role he works with all facets of the company’s technology platforms as well as web development. His passion is to better the web presences of all clients by meeting and exceeding web standards and pushing the limits of how websites are built. Our goal is to ensure that every detail properly reflects what our clients embody.

A long suffering Dallas Cowboys fan, Matt also cheers on Texas Longhorn football and the Texas Rangers. He’s an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys fishing, horseback riding as well as a round of golf. Matt lives in Waco with his wife Becca, son Ryan and the newest addition…daughter Reagan!


Matt Silva Four Columns Marketing IT Director

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…if it is broke, turn your computer off and wait 30 seconds

Matt's Thought On Web Issues

Bryan Jaska

Senior Vice President, Video


Bryan heads up the video and photography divisions of Four Columns Marketing. He oversees video and photography shoots as well as post-production and motion graphic design.

Bryan graduated from Baylor University in Waco in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. Since then he has spent over 15 years working in video and related fields in the Waco area. He has also done production work for several studios in the area, local television stations, and Baylor University as well as running his own video production business.

In his spare time Bryan moonlights as a professional musician. Though he no longer does touring shows he still finds time to play bass with several local bands. Bryan has over 20 years of musical experience both on tour and in the studio with Texas acts such as Brandon Rhyder, The Shakin’ Apostles, and Bleu Edmondson.


Bryan Jaska Four Columns Marketing Video Director

There are those who would suggest that NyQuil is not an acceptable nightcap. Those people are conscious.

Bryan's Thoughts on How To Get a Good Nights Rest

April Leman

Communications Director

April brings nearly a decade of marketing and communication experience to Four Columns. Prior to joining the 4C team, April served a Marketing and Communication Specialist for Ascension Texas, the largest non-profit health system in the United States. While based at Providence hospital, April led a diverse mix of initiatives with special emphasis on digital based communication. April has a heart for the Waco community, and served on the steering committee to launch Waco’s first Medical Mission at Home event, which provided medical and dental services to nearly 1,000 Waco area residents. April earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in German from Baylor University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. In her spare time, April enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and daughter; she is also a self-proclaimed foodie, blogger, and runner.


April Leman Four Columns Marketing

Rob Chambers

UX/Ecommerce Developer

Rob is Four Columns’ UX and E-Commerce Developer. As a talented programmer, Rob spends his time in the office designing and maintaining custom websites and applications for Four Columns’ clients.

After spending a year in Austin, Rob moved back to his native town, Waco, Texas. Rob attended Texas State Technical College, where he majored in web design and development. He enjoys the creative side of the job, getting to design websites and watch projects come to fruition.

When he’s not using his creative talents to build websites and apps, Rob enjoys playing guitar. Though he is not currently in a touring band, he considers music to be an important part of his life.


Rob Chambers Four Columns Marketing

Uniting functionality with clean design.

Rob's Thoughts on Ecommerce

Joe Gastler

Marketing Strategist

JJoe is our marketing strategist. He has the distinction of graduating from Baylor on three separate occasions, most recently with his MBA in Marketing. Other than his obvious passion for higher education, Joe loves finding the intersection between creativity and analytics. Joe has a diverse background in higher education, non-profits, municipalities, finance, and retail. He’s done market research for SAP, developed marketing campaigns for Zales, and even developed a business plan for an NFL star.

Joe’s first two degrees from Baylor are in music, so when he’s not at work, he teaches music adjunctly at UMHB, plays in the Waco Symphony, and spends time singing and dancing with his 3-year old son, Josiah.


Joe Gastler Four Columns Marketing

Good strategy competes, great strategy wins.

Joe's Thoughts on Marketing Strategy

Shannon Graessle

Content Strategist

As a believer in potential and a sucker for a well-crafted sentence, Shannon plays the role of Content Strategist on the 4C team. From curating social media feeds to brainstorming copy for our next project, you can find Shannon working away in the office with a smile on her face and a Raspberry Tea on her desk. Some of her favorite tasks, though consist of dreaming alongside clients of what could be and seeing those dreams come into reality.

An Austin native gone Waco-lover, Shannon can tell you about every hidden gem our beloved city has to offer and on the weekends you can usually find her hiking with her husband and pup perusing a local shop, or cheering on the Baylor Bears– Her Alma Mater, where she majored in Professional Writing and minored in Leadership Studies.

With never-ceasing enthusiasm, Shannon is ready to create engaging and informative content and go above and beyond for the 4C team and our clients.


Shannon Lesko Four Columns Marketing

Every piece of your content should be excellent,enough that customers are compelled to share it.

Shannon's Thoughts on Writing Content

Seth Spivey

Web Developer

Seth Spivey is a local Wacoan and a recent graduate of Texas State Technical College with a degree in Web Design and Development. He is a part of the development team at Four Columns, focusing on user interactivity, user experience and clean design.

He enjoys working on projects from the ground up and furthering his knowledge in development. He aims to provide unique solutions to unique problems and enjoys being able to be a part of a project from start to finish.

In his free time, Seth enjoys the occasional front porch guitar session, reading, woodworking and experiencing the world with his wife, Cassie.


Seth Spivey Four Columns Marketing

If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0.

Seth's Thoughts on Web Development

Jessica Cervantez

Graphic Designer

Jessica is Four Column’s Graphic Designer that comes to us from her home town of Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of Oklahoma City Community College where she majored in Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Print Design. Jessica brings to Four Columns an endless amount of creativity and a genuine love for all things design. Her favorite part of the design process is the initial planning and brainstorming.

When she’s not designing or filling her Pinterest board with inspiration, you can find her with her husband, Jordan, and daughter, Maggie. They love trying new restaurants and exploring this city they now call home.


Jessica Cervantez Four Columns Marketing

Great design is about making ordinary things beautiful and interesting.

Jessica's Thoughts

Veronica Campbell

Graphic Designer

Veronica going into her senior year at Baylor from right outside of Houston, Texas. She will be getting her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. Veronica’s favorite part of design is the research aspect and incorporating different mediums, like painting and drawing, into something that is rendered on the computer. It allows you to be more involved in the designing part. Not only does she enjoy the art of designing, but she loves photography. In her spare time she enjoys dancing and being apart of local church community, Antioch. Veronica is usually up for any adventure and trying new things especially if it involves traveling or gets the adrenaline pumping… skydiving is a must on her to-do list.


Veronica Campbell Four Columns Marketing
  • Character Camp was selected for the Fox News feature because of the photos and website you did for us.

    Arthur Davidson - CEO, Character Camp
  • Four Columns understands my business. They know what being successful to us means.

    David Frinsco - CEO, Worldwide Turnaround Management Company
  • Working with someone who approaches projects from a true marketing perspective has been invaluable to me.

    David Dekema - Former Director of Marketing, Angel Fire Resort
  • I love my website and how easy it was for me. Four Columns took care of everything.

    Meredith Harmon - Realtor, Kelly Realtors
  • Doug and his team are among the best I’ve worked with at generating bottom line results.

    David Dekema - Former Director of Marketing, Angel Fire Resort
  • Since we started working with Doug and his team, we’ve seen significant and sustained growth.

    David Frinsco - CEO, Worldwide Turnaround Management Company
  • We had special projects we needed help with. Four Columns dove in and created everything we needed.

    Michael Estepp - Director of Graduate Career Management, Baylor University Hankamer School of Business

Integrated Marketing Capabilities

Four Columns Marketing is your inbound marketing performance partner. We apply our expertise in inbound marketing strategy, content marketing, graphic design, web development and video production to precisely stay in step with your branding strategy and marketing message to deliver the very best results for your company. Our dedicated professional team are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in all the fields listed below...and much more.


While we all need to be prepared to make nimble moves, good strategy ensures that your mission-critical decisions serve as jet stream, rather than crosswinds. Our clients frequently involve us at this stage, well before the creative process begins, to review and/or develop a plan for their marketing efforts.

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy / Planning
  • Media Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Lead Generation / Nurture
  • Project Management
  • B2B Marketing

Brand Development

In this business, first impressions count. Building a distinct identity is the cornerstone of any branding campaign. No two snowflakes are alike. Nor are businesses. Our design team will help you find your unique identity and translate it in an unforgettable way to the business world via logos, stationery, signage, and the like.

  • Logo Design
  • Identity
  • Print & Digital Media
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video

Digital Marketing

Our online marketing campaigns are focused on raising awareness, building brand loyalty and producing measurable results by integrating your marketing message throughout your entire online presence. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that everything we do is precisely in lock step with your branding strategy.

  • Online Strategy
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website Design / Development
  • Custom Applications
  • Blog
  • E-Commerce


Our philosophy is that in order to cut through the clutter and make an impact, creative, media and technology must be in perfect harmony. With members from all walks of agency life, this team collaborates to leverage creative thinking, new media opportunities and advances in technology while bringing balance to the force.

  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Webinars
  • Event Planning

Fueled by Experience & Fused With Strategy

We have helped a variety of companies with their integrated inbound and outbound marketing. See just a few examples of successful Four Columns Marketing clients by clicking below.

Safran Software Solutions
Baylor Business School
Character Camp
GKK Works
Enchanted Circle
AngelFire Resort
Robins & Morton

All Things Marketing

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